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The skies are beautiful, and the mountains are grand. You can be as HIGH as the clouds and as low as the caves. Floating with vanilla sky and chilling with the dankest dank. JsSmokeSpot is here to help you document the best smoke spots on the planet. Our lifestyle is adventurous and our styles are outstanding. Let’s share our adventure together. #JsSmokeSpot when you are inhaling life in a memorable place.


Twitter Instagram MassRoots Tumblr — Smokin Js has created the best photography contest within the 420 lifestyle community. Follow Smokin Js on your favorite social media site and hash tag JsSmokeSpot on your next 420 adventure photo. Each month we select a winner.


What’s a winner get? Each winner of the Smokin Js #JsSmokeSpot photo contest gets a complete Smokin Js prize pack. Winner’s photos are also entered in to be a part of #JsSmokeSpot books, posters, and calendars. Full credit is always given to entrants.


Good luck keeping up with the Past Winners:
nathan2x420 on MassRoots
JohnnyTeets on Twitter
thewalkingdabs on Instagram
chubbybluntz on Tumblr
pnw420lyfstyle on MassRoots
_lindsey420_ on
master_goat_tecate on


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