Attention massfam!!!
Do you like “Free Stuff” free smoke gear to be specific!??

Want some free stuff??? Like maybe an element papers beach bag! Hand full of Smokin J’s papers, grinder card, lighters, and stickers….

Smokin J’s llc has a smoke spot contest. And those items I just mentioned are exactly what I received when I won.

Here’s what you have to do…
1. Get outside, find a glorious spot to toke up!

2. Bust out your joint/pipe, whatever your smoking on. And snap a picture of it outside! It’s that simple

3. If you happen to be smoking in your room/basement/dorm/where ever inside… KEEP IT TO YOURSELF this is a smoke SPOT contest and no one cares if your toking up at home… Guess what we do it everyday too 😊✌️

4. Most important make sure you follow @smokinjs and use the hashtag #JsSmokeSpot

5. Have fucking fun with it!!! Make a day out of you and your friends getting outside! Have a picnic go on a hike go enjoy the great outdoors and your cannabis at the same time! There no better place to smoke then outside.

Here is their website for more details, and the pictures they have chosen to share. So go massfam! Earn your free swag ✌️

via PNW420LyfStyle